5 interesting facts about online casinos

12th October 2018 - Technology
5 interesting facts about online casinos

Online casinos are gradually becoming the order of the day when it comes to the world of gambling. This is because of the excitement that is always on offer at online casinos in terms of poker tournaments, unrivaled entertainment, as well as the unbelievable jackpots that can be taken advantage of.

There has been a recent emergence of reputable online casinos like and here are a few facts about them.

1. It is a fact that men gamble more than women. It is believed that the male folks account for about 84% of the gambling population worldwide. Despite this, one should know that the first ever legal casino license was issued in Las Vegas was to a lady known as Mayme Stocker in 1920 for a placed known as Northern Club.

2. Those who are into movies will recall the movie titled 21 starring Kevin Spacey which was based on the story of 6 MIT students who were trained to become experts in card counting. It must be known that card counting has been established as a perfectly legal blackjack strategy. Regardless, some casinos worldwide try their possible best to prohibit it.

3. There is also the fact that a gambler can ban his or herself from a casino. This is possible in Ohio in the United States due to the implementation of a Voluntarily Exclusion Program. It enables you to stop yourself from visiting a specified casino.

4. A good number of online casino enthusiasts are not aware that lotteries have been established as the most popular kind of gambling. This is because more than 55% of the world’s populace engages in some kind of lottery.

5. Online slots have garnered massive popularity as they’ve drawn about 90% of slots enthusiasts while land-based casinos have to make do with a meager 10%. Regardless, only 33% of these gamblers can be classified as professionals in the game.


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