6 Ways to Prevent Workplace Injuries

9th March 2018 - Business & Marketing
6 Ways to Prevent Workplace Injuries

Worker injuries are a serious concern for business, because these injuries can affect the lives of key personnel, affect morale and cause increased expense to the company in workers compensation costs. Some businesses are particularly at risk for employee injuries because of the nature of the work or the materials used. You can take an active approach to reducing worker injuries by implementing strategies that are proven to reduce these problems.

Institute Company-Wide Safety Programs

Employee should get safety training as part of their workplace orientation. In addition, regular safety meetings help to reinforce the message of everyday safety actions. The program can be tailored to your particular industry, for best results. If you do not have someone on staff to train your workforce in safety, contract with a company that specializes in doing this training.

Provide Sufficient Personal Protection Equipment

Proper use of safety equipment should be an integral part of your workers’ training. Assign a supervisor to ensure you have a sufficient amount of goggles, earplugs, gloves, back supports and other items on hand at all times and encourage your workforce to use them, as needed, when accomplishing work tasks.

Implement Protocols for Handling Hazardous Materials

If your business regularly uses or handles hazardous materials, ensure that all workers are trained in handling these compounds safely. Whether your company uses tanks of industrial gases or solvents during manufacturing, proper handling and storage can reduce accidents.

Know the Law on Safe Workplace Requirements

Many industries are covered under specific requirements of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, which ensure compliance to ensure a safe workplace for workers. In addition, your state or local government may also provide guidelines for safe operation. If you have concerns about safety requirements for your particular industry, consult a lawyer from a company like Hoffmans Injury Lawyers for clarification that can help avoid legal problems.

Monitor Accidents Carefully and Improve Weaknesses

Companies should also record the details of any accident that occurs to determine weaknesses in their safety operations and to improve these processes. Careful monitoring of problems can often reveal deficiencies in the implementation of safe work practices.

Reward Safety in Your Workers

Make a point of rewarding safe operations in your company. When a work team uses safety equipment regularly, distribute gift certificates or tickets to a local play. Announce the number of days without an accident and cater a lunch for the work group. Let workers know you notice their positive actions.

Your workforce is a business asset that deserves protection from injury and health hazards. A number of benefits result from taking strong measures to protect workers. Your workforce will feel safe and valued, in their work. And you will reduce your insurance costs by having fewer accidents in the workplace.

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