Four Storage Tips to Help Grow your Small Business

9th November 2017 - Business & Marketing
Four Storage Tips to Help Grow your Small Business

Getting your business storage to work in your favour can sometimes be a challenge, but it’s key to smooth operations and steady growth.

Determine Your Storage Needs

Wherever you choose to store stock or equipment, going overboard can seriously undermine your costings and cause road blocks in your cash flow.

Popular storage space options include:


Organise Your Storage Space

Having a great storage space is just the beginning. It now needs organising so you can find what you have, tally your inventory, stock-take efficiently and access goods speedily.


Take Advantage of Cloud Power

Save space by cutting down on document storage. The cloud is your best friend when it comes to accounting, document sharing, and collaboration with colleagues or customer service.

There are plenty of options, from Dropbox to Google Docs or subscription services from other providers. Online accounting packages make bookkeeping simple, and provide secure ways to keep the digital records you need for your tax return, expenses and bank accounts.

You may not be able to go completely paperless, but maximising cloud storage can free up office space because you don’t need giant filing cabinets. On top of this, you should try to utilise any helpful software that is available. For example, someone in catering may use management software from Inhouse Manager.

Build-in Flexibility

If you’ve ever missed the opportunity to acquire stock at a knock-down price because you don’t have space to put it, you’ll appreciate the flexibility offered by self storage facilities. The short terms mean you can upscale or downsize with very little notice (you can rent additional space instantly if rooms are available), so you can take full advantage of seasonal or overstock bargains.

Another way of harnessing the flexibility of self storage is to create a pack and dispatch area right there in the room. All you need is a small table and space for packing materials. You’ll save time and money in handling and travel costs. Just rent a room slightly larger than you need for storage, and you instantly have all you need.

If you’ve also organised your cloud storage, your office travels with you on mobile devices so you can easily access customer records and orders.

When storage works with, rather than against you, you’re free to concentrate on business building and growth, instead of fighting helmet fires caused by lost items or unsafe storage locations.

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