How SEO-Friendly Web Design Can Boost Your Business

27th December 2017 - SEO
How SEO-Friendly Web Design Can Boost Your Business

When a business kicks off a new website, there are several factors that must be considered. A lot of effort is put before a fully functional website can be launched, it would be a complete waste if no one saw the website in the first place.

Search Engine Optimization and SEO friendly web design have been the foundation of many businesses trying to thrive in the online marketing world. There are several steps you can take to ensure the optimization of your site. Here are a few things you can do to ensure your site is search engine ready. Remove Content blocks There are several factors that frustrate people, but the content block is the most frustrating of them all. This can terribly hurt your website and your business in general. Companies that use these content block such as captcha or “pay to view” content are companies in most cases are established or the blocks are present due to legal reasons When designing a website, try to make the content as straightforward as possible. You may have the best intentions, but your rank on search engines could be decreasing. If you need to block some parts of the website for whatever reason, make sure majority of the content is publicized especially immediately the client lands on the page. Constantly update the site Like most business and corporations, Google strives to achieve total client satisfaction. In the spirit of trying to remain up to date, the information displayed on the search engine is prioritized according to the most recent and useful information.

Online marketing relies tremendously on the number of views your website gets. The more up to date your website is the better. For this reason, set up a section of your most informative and important pages on your website which you can regularly update with the latest images and most recent products. Consequently, this will bring another opportunity to include keywords that speak to search algorithms. Include sharing buttons This has been brought up on almost every online marketing blog. It seems redundant, but there is a good reason. As much as your website is thriving, producing the best products in the market can only go so far if you are not giving users the opportunity to offer what they have Missing out on social media traffic can cost you dearly. If this sounds new to you, social sharing buttons are the icon like objects around the edges of blog posts.

The icons depend on the social media platforms the owner opts for. There are various social tools that will help you in putting the social buttons on your website with easy to follow steps that could make your website exemplary. Embrace the negative space The Negative space is also known as the whitespace represent the empty space that does not have any visuals. Negative space is a crucial design element that helps you break up the page, increase the visual attractiveness and readability. Although the extra white space looks a tad superfluous, it is actually crucial when it comes to readability and prioritization of content. It also helps in the positioning and design processing of web design elements.

Design a flexible website The use of mobile phones has become prominent and users are now conducting searches on their mobile handsets. Google has realized this and is penalizing sites that are not mobile friendly. Good optimization can go a long way in ensuring that your online marketing plan is successful.

Moreover, ensure you select a responsive website design. Try predicting the questions that your clients might rise and incorporate an interactive tool through which the users can raise their issues. Experts recommend using an FAQ section on your website to fully satisfy the clients. Conclusion Remember, certain elements might devalue your website. Long content, complicated videos are classic examples of the elements that detract you online market from expanding.

With an audience that only pays attention for only 8 seconds, which is only natural and human at the very least, you need to make a good first impression. Pass cross the main points in a powerful way as fast as you can. Finally, make it as appealing as possible. If you’ve got these right, make sure the content does not contain jargon or ambiguous terminology.

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