Interesting Prospects of Foxtel Broadband

29th January 2018 - Technology
Interesting Prospects of Foxtel Broadband

In the realm of Cable TV, Foxtel has been rendering their services for years. But with the exponential growth of the internet market, they have also entered the fray and are offering their customers with subscriptions of broadband bundles.  Here, we will try to articulate how Foxtel can be the next big thing in the internet and broadband market.

A Combination Like None Other

Foxtel is providing a unique combination of utilities which is still not common in the country. From a single bundle, they are offering channel subscriptions (for both satellite and cable), along with home phone landline and a high-speed (NBN) internet.

This introduction of Broadband services from Foxtel has been designed by keeping in mind with the ever increasing reliance of entertainment, particularly of video, on the internet. This unique combination of services are definitely going to give Foxtel an edge over other broadband companies only rendering internet services.

Two-pronged System for Customer Retention and Acquisition

Foxtel is offering their broadband bundles in two different ways to expand their consumer base. Their current customers can enjoy all the perks of their broadband bundle (internet data, unlimited phone calls and entertainment pack) from mere $55. By paying $20 extra, users will be able to enjoy an unlimited internet data.

New customers will get all these perks by paying just $91 dollars per month.

To attract new customers, Foxtel is offering unlimited internet data in just $10. So, it seems like whether you are a new or veteran Foxtel user, you are getting the best deal of their 3-in-1 package.

A Handy Deal for Households

There is always a smouldering conflict exist in households with family members of every age group, where  every individual wants to get entertained by watching something different. Foxtel broadband bundles have solved this problem for good. Now, everyone can enjoy their preferred programming. With more than 40 channels, a separate video-on-demand library and high-speed internet connection for uninterrupted streaming, households won’t have to look any further now.

If you are already interested in getting one of their packages, then you can compare different Foxtel NBN broadband bundles for their utility according to your requirement.

Apart from these distinctive features, Foxtel broadband services are also good for the given reason.

Automated Alerts

Usage of data especially on premises with multiple users is often very difficult to control. People often forget to keep up with the information on remaining data. Foxtel has given a solution for this inconvenience by notifying users on the 50, 85 and 100 percent usage of their monthly data.
You can keep control of the usage when aware of the fact that the bundle is only left with 15 percent of data.

Multiple Service—One Account

It is always inconvenient and time-consuming to look after multiple services from different accounts.  With Foxtel broadband packages, one can manage all these service with a single login credentials.

If you don’t want to deal with a number of service providers for your TV, internet and phone utilities then Foxtel broadband bundle is made for you.

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