Making a lasting impression on your office space: the advantages of commercial cleaning

12th December 2018 - Business & Marketing
Making a lasting impression on your office space: the advantages of commercial cleaning

For many business owners the cleanliness of their workplace is not necessarily the first thing on their mind each day, with some not taking any notice of such detail until it starts to get out of hand and have a negative effect on business. Some employers would rather rely on their workforce to double up as in-house cleaners rather than employ specialists to do the job, however this can be a recipe for disaster as commercial cleaning is a complex and specialised field in its own right.

Having a clean and healthy office or factory is often a huge contributor to the success of any business venture as it creates a good first impression for customers and business partners as well as making for a much more pleasant and therefore effective environment in which to work.

Here are a few areas where commercial cleaning services can make a huge difference to your business.

Window cleaning

Windows are an integral part of a building but don’t always get considered in a way that correlates with more general workspace cleaning. If anything, however, the windows of a building should be regarded as being equally fundamental to a building’s general cleanliness, they are one of the first things any visitor will see so form an important part of any first impressions. In the same way that the eyes are regarded as being the windows to the soul, windows can very much reveal the soul of a building and the nature of the business within.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service to professionally maintain windows may seem like an unnecessary investment on the face of it, but scrimping on this aspect could well be a false economy as dirty, cracked or even broken windows suggest neglect or a lack of investment by owners. This will very quickly turn clients away whereas sparkling, clean and aesthetically pleasing windows reflect professionalism and pride in a business and suggest to anyone passing that the company within is equally polished; essentially a bit of basic subliminal advertising!

Floor cleaning

Another vital, though slightly more obvious area. Any business which has floors strewn with detritus is likely to struggle to attract new customers or retain existing clients and certainly runs the risk of slips, trips and falls amongst its staff and visitors. Given that these types of accidents are amongst the most common in the workplace, it is easy to see why maintaining clean flooring is vital to any business. Quite apart from anything else dirty or messy floors hamper movement around the workspace and so impact on efficiency; if you visit even the busiest of warehouses those working at peak efficiency will generally have surprisingly spotless floors.

Flooring takes many forms; carpeting, laminate, wood, linoleum, tile, concrete and often combinations of each, equally there can be specialist coatings applied to these for workplaces so it is vital that you employ a commercial cleaning company with the expertise to ensure floors are cleaned and maintained correctly to keep them at their best and reduce wear and tear and the associated costs and risks.

Kitchen/Rest Area cleaning

The cleaning of domestic areas within a business can often be a very painful bone of contention. This is again an area often left to staff, either being asked to clean as they go or having to “nominate” someone to take responsibility at some point.

A professional cleaning company is again the way to go. Not only would they clean kitchen areas to the highest standards they would do so in a way compliant with food safety regulations, which, with the best will in the world, is unlikely to be the case if you leave it to Bob from Accounts or Jenny from HR.

Without proper cleaning of “domestic” areas within a workplace the results are unthinkable; waste food, packaging and poorly maintained cooking and eating areas are a magnet for bacteria, disease and vermin and increase the risk of accidents multi-fold. The impact on the workforce and any visitors could be catastrophic both for employees and the business as a whole.

Dusting and polishing

This is another area that, whilst fundamental to keeping a building looking clean, is often looked upon as an afterthought, a “quick going-over” before an important visit or corporate meeting however is not going to cut it.  A properly organised cleaning schedule is key not only to maintaining a clean and sanitised working environment but helps to keep both employees and visitors happy. Dust can be a major carrier for airborne pollutants so by keeping the working environment clean you are ensuring the workplace is a more healthy and productive place and creating a far better impression than if workers are left to deal with dust and detritus on their own.

Waste Removal

Waste removal takes many different forms depending upon the nature of the business. Employing a commercial cleaning company can be hugely advantageous in this regard in that they will have the expertise to identify how wastes need to be treated and disposed of correctly and also be able to give advice on the recycling of materials such as production waste or packaging.

There is a vast amount of H&S legislation relating to the governance of waste disposal and recycling, and for the uninitiated it can become something of a minefield so having a professional team handle this can be vital for almost any business.

Just from the few brief examples above, it is easy to see how cleaning has a vital role to play in the business world, no matter what that business might be. From helping to make that all important first impression to maintaining a happy and healthy workforce and adhering to Health and Safety regulations a commercial cleaning service can provide one of the cornerstones of any professional concern.


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