Moving Your Office? How to Safely Pack Up and Transfer Supplies

7th February 2018 - Business & Marketing
Moving Your Office? How to Safely Pack Up and Transfer Supplies

Whether you’re moving your office across the hall or across town, you want to be sure that everything that makes you so effective at your job arrives safe and sound in its new location. Not only that, but you want to get back up and running as soon as possible so you lose as little work time as possible, since, as they say, “time is money.” Here are a few tips and tricks to safely and effectively transfer all your office equipment, both big and little, to your brand new digs.

Label Everything

Don’t assume that just because you sit and stare every day at the equipment you’re about to move that you’ll be able to successfully get it back in order once it’s been moved. Assume, actually, that you’ll totally forget everything about how it looked and was hooked together, and proceed accordingly. That means labeling everything. Label the phone cord as “phone cord” and label which end you had in the wall and which was in the phone. If multiple people are moving with you, make sure you put your name on every last thing that specifically goes on your desk. Label things that don’t really matter, like which compartment in your organizer you had your paper clips in, because, again, “time is money,” and every decision you don’t have to make in your new office is one step closer to getting back to work.

Get Some Help

Industrial supplies and equipment are built to last. They may not always be the nicest things to look at, but you can be sure that your desk, especially, will be around long after any regular furniture you have in your own home will be around. That said, office furniture is heavy. Extremely heavy and surprisingly heavy. Even if you’re just moving across the hall, don’t assume you can move every last thing yourself. In addition to utilizing proper lifting techniques, if you still have any doubt about your ability to lift something, get some help. If it’s a short move, just talk to co-workers and see if they’re willing to help. If it’s a longer move, even to another building, enlisting the services of a moving company could save you a lot of time, frustration, and injury. If you need to have a proper office clearance and get rid of your old furniture, there are many companies such as Kwik Sweep that can help you with that.

Tie-Up Cords

Power cords, Ethernet cables, phone cords, monitor cables: the modern office has more cables than you probably realize. As you begin disassembling your work area, you’ll realize just how many cables it takes to get your job done every day. As you’re packing everything you’ll need, make absolutely sure that you carefully tie-up cords so they don’t become tangled during transit. You know that cords have an almost miraculous capacity to become tangled, even when you’re careful, so even if you need to put each cord and cable in its own separate bag, it’s not ridiculous, it’s just smart time management. After all, if you don’t take the necessary time to keep cords untangled now, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your new office simply getting the cords untangled, before you can even think about setting up your new workspace.

Take It Easy

In addition to a lot of cables, another thing that’s true about most modern offices is that there is a lot of expensive, yet fragile, electronic equipment that is relied upon every day. If you don’t take the proper care in moving your equipment, you could end up being liable for the cost of replacing the equipment that gets broken. That said, taking the time to properly pack items like computer monitors, phones, and other fragile equipment will pay off big when it arrives in your new location in perfect condition, ready to be used. This is another time when hiring a moving company like Kloke Group Moving & Storage could save you some time, as the experts there will know exactly what needs to be done to properly pack the items mentioned above, leaving you extra time to do everything else required to prepare for your big move.

Slow, but Steady

As an office move, you’re probably on a fairly strict deadline for how soon you need to be moved into your new location. Even so, it’s important to take your time as you prepare for your move to ensure everything is packed correctly and nothing gets left behind. Don’t rush decisions you make as you pack, as they could have a detrimental effect on your productivity on the other end of the move. Just take a deep breath, bring as much patience as you can, and before you know it, you’ll be settled down in your new office, working as hard as ever.

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