An Overview of the Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Sector

5th February 2018 - Science & Engineering
An Overview of the Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Sector

Are you searching for a job opportunity in the electric power transmission and distribution sector? Whether you hold a reputable engineering degree or are just a fresh graduate, the industry has scope for all. And, this is a sector that is never going to shut down or be obsolete. So, it is a very good decision for you to join the sector.

Here, we are going to give you an overview of the working of the industry. Meanwhile, you submit your resume to so that they can offer the best-suited job profile as per your knowledge and experience. And, you keep on your good work of researching about your target area of work.


The Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Sector is an integral part of the Electric Power Industry. There are two other major sectors of the electric power industry namely – the power generation and the utilities. None of three sectors can be called more or less important than the other. Malfunctioning of even one of the sector would adversely affect the electric power industry.


The electric power transmission and distribution sector is a cluster of industries that includes line management systems, production of machinery, transformers and electric lines. This is the sector involved in the actual delivery of the energy to the end users be it common households or corporate businesses. The transmission and distribution sector work for taking the energy in the usable forms to the users regardless of the source of the power generation. The most common sources of electricity generation are the wind, coal, gas, oil, sun, and water.

The Working Stages

The power transmission and distribution sector supply the equipment, the production systems, and the services to the energy market.

The first step in the procedure of supplying a usable form of energy to users is the conversion of power from the generating source into a high-voltage electrical format.

This high-voltage electrical energy is transported through power-grids. And this high-voltage electricity is then stepped down with the help of switching gears.

The medium-voltage electricity is then distributed to various substations. The electricity voltage is then again stepped down to the usable range of voltage to be supplied to the residential and commercial customers.

The Market Distribution

The estimated global market share of T&D is $50 billion and is roughly divided into four segments.

If you wish, you can easily get a space in this big and promising industry.

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