Tips on Using Recruitment Agencies Effectively

5th February 2018 - Business & Marketing
Tips on Using Recruitment Agencies Effectively

You are the one who knows your organization and its needs the best. But, taking help from a recruitment agency adds value to your existing expertise. Identifying perfect candidates require a special set of skills, and reputed recruitment agencies are the masters of those skills. But, you cannot just hire a recruiting agency and sit back. You and the recruiting agency need to work in synergy to choose and place the perfect candidate quickly.

Here we are giving an insight into your role as a teammate of the recruiting agency.

Choose the right recruiting agency – You cannot randomly choose any recruiting agency. You need to think very well before committing to a recruitment agency. Choose the one who is specialist in hiring candidates in your field of industry. The candidates also get influenced by the brand reputation of the agency. So, be sure to select the one who is not only a specialist but also have a brand identity. As for example, you can choose, if you are an employer in the housing sector. When you choose a specialist, you get the valuable information about the industry-specific salary, benefits, bonus benchmark etc. There needs to be clear communication about what each entity can take care of, the business may complete their own background DBS checks via or may require the agency to do so, to name one example.

Have a list of expectations beforehand – Before approaching a recruiting agency you should have a list of expectations. Instead of telling the recruiting agency that you want a certain number of professionals, tell them your requirement and expectations of the job. The experts of the agency will help you come up with the realistic expectations and the perfect solution to your problem. Chances are that your requirement can be fulfilled with a thoughtful mixture of permanent, interim and temporary professionals rather than the single employee you were expecting.

Keep a brief handy – Any recruitment agency will need to know a considerable amount of information about your organization, the working environment and the job for which you are advertising. Make sure you have a detailed brief ready with you, when, you are meeting the representatives of the agency. Unless the recruiters know and understand everything they won’t be able to convey the information to the suitable candidates.

Maintain a good communication – The recruitment agency does not only work as your eyes and ears in the market for bringing you the required information about candidates’ availability. They also work as your mouth who tells the candidates about your organization. So, you should keep a good communication with them. And, don’t break the communication once you have hired employees. Building a long-term relationship with recruiting agencies is always beneficial to the organizations.

When you play your part well, you’ll get more benefit by entering into collaboration with recruiting agencies. This is because, you two will be thriving for the same goal together.

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