What trends are taking over the online retail marketplace?

23rd June 2017 - Business & Marketing
What trends are taking over the online retail marketplace?

Although some say the economy is stagnating, online businesses are booming in many sectors. Experts in the field have identified four main areas to be of the highest importance for people in the distribution business.

Improving Capabilities

With online shopping now reaching its 20th anniversary, it’s no surprise that consumers not only appreciate, but are beginning to expect complete convenience when making online purchases.

More importantly than ever, businesses and online retailers must be making a deliberate effort to improve their interfaces and enable consumers to shop quickly and pay easily.

Build Relationships

Having strong customer relationships has always been of the utmost priority for all people in the world of business. Establishing a brand to be trustworthy, dependable, and of high quality is essential to the success of a business in any field of retail.

However, building relationships online is difficult. Companies are going to new lengths to get the attention, trust, and money of online shoppers.

Be Cost Efficient

It’s a given that all businesses are constantly seeking to cut costs where possible to make more money at the end of every year. However, as trends come and go at quicker rates and online business is beginning to be given to the cheapest option, businesses are really cracking down on their supply chain to cut corners where they can—especially when sales start to slow down.

But, being cost efficient is something businesses should look at and make efforts towards even when they are experiencing heightened profits.

Smart Tech

Many businesses are hiring technology experts for wholesale distributors to increase the use of smart devices and technology. With the rise of automated systems, robot employees, and AI interfaces, the world is truly at a turning point, and so is retail.

Consumers are looking for new and innovative businesses to patron, so don’t get left behind.

Smart tech can improve brand recognition and set a business apart from the competition. And, it can save a business on labor costs and make systems more efficient, so it’s really an all-around win if implemented effectively.


Whether you’re in the field of B2B or B2C, the online marketplace is changing, and businesses need to be adapting to meet the new needs and wants of consumers. Having a smooth, efficient interface will encourage shoppers to come back to online shops. But, price is always a factor, so it’s necessary for businesses to begin looking at ways to cut corners without sacrificing the quality of the end product.

AI solutions and automated systems are stepping in to help meet this need, by allowing businesses to give some of the previously-specialty positions (like customer service) to technology. A perfect example is the robotic chat boxes setup with an Artificial Intelligence interface. They guide customers through basically an interactive FAQ, and only transfer the customer to a live support agent if their question cannot be found in the knowledge base.

This is just one of the many ways that businesses are changing for the 21st-century and beyond.

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