Website Optimization – How to Design a Homepage That Converts

21st March 2017 - SEO
Website Optimization – How to Design a Homepage That Converts

Users nowadays on the web are turning more restless and relentless than ever before. By failing to leave a lasting first impression through the website homepage make you lose a lot of business being just a click away. Therefore, it is necessary that your business website hits the audience and carries your brand image with professionalism.

The homepage is the most important aspect of your business website – it represents your brand online. It must have the easiest to remember URL, outlines your business concepts, as this web page receives most of the online traffic. The reason why it is pretty essential for the homepage to present relevantly useful information, so it caters every one of your buyer personas.

Focus on Your Business USP

Give your clients a strong reason to stick with the services that your business provides. Even the leading and most influential brands need to encourage customers to buy their products and get their services. Therefore, your business USP – Unique Selling Point and your key abilities will give your customers the trust that they look on an online website.

Use a catchy tagline, use icons for the services that you provide, persuade the traditional web design rules once in a while to get an edge in the cut-throat competition. Include a block in your Homepage design and update its content regularly.

Katie from agrees “Unique selling points are crucial especially when dealing with competition. If you offer security or a special service with purchase that gives customers confidence in buying from you”

Aim for customer agreement

Customer agreement means that the entire homepage must satisfy the client’s expectation. The homepage content should be readily visible to the prospective buyers. Moreover, the user experience can be segmented by age, gender, demographics and can be diverted to a page which has in-depth information. This at an advancing level helps you to recognize your potential users and understand how they browse.

Build Trust Through Social Media

Trustworthy, authentic and straightforward success stories, recommendations, reviews, and ratings help to create faith in the user on a long-term goal. Stay away from posting reviews and feedbacks by using fake accounts. Incorporate case studies on the homepage as it encourages users to refer to your website and count on it.

Call to Action Buttons

It is the moment to move advance from the typical Submit button to more engaging Call to Action Buttons. One of the favorite and top performers is the ‘Learn More’ button regarding CTR – click through rates. Thus, a compelling content summary and ‘Learn More’ link to its particular page can help in boosting your website click through rate. Another one is ‘Download pdf’ which is also a good alternative. Prevent redirection to these specific pages using URLs as it shows user experience doesn’t matter you much. Ensure that you do not jumble your homepage with too many Call To Actions.


 The navigation options on the homepage should be smooth and utterly accessible. Advanced and sophisticated animations several times make it difficult for the web audience to access. Make every part of your business website readily available to a few number of clicks.

CTA and the page headline must match

Be clear and transparent to tell your users what you provide. The call to action buttons should be in accordance to the headline of the website homepage.

Avoid Deviations

With a plenty of portals available on the web, website visitors have a short time to go through the entire details. Therefore, present straightforward and pinpoint content that represents the products and services your business offers. Be simple and quick. Do not spangle your homepage design with complicated content, bothersome phrases or over-punchy promises. Just remember while designing your homepage, ‘All that glitters is not gold,’ which stands right for all.

Images on the homepage

Use images where it is required. Avoid using free images. Rather, opt for premium images which fit best applicable to your products and services.

Contact Form Design – Short and Simple

Regarding it as your first communication with your buyer, keep it short. Bypass a long contact form unless it is required. Regularly test how your homepage performs and make essential changes.

Homepage Loading Time

With all the elements on your business website Homepage, ensure that your website loads quickly. As buyers, today are growing very impatient, the internet site that whose loading time is more than 5 seconds gets immediately rejected.


Be very open and precise about what you want to convey through your business website homepage. Knowing that content is equally crucial as the design, make it engaging, compelling and interactive. Direct your users to the more critical sections of your business website. The display ratio of all the homepage elements must be proportional and neglect over adding more than required.


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