10 Creative Signage Ideas

13th January 2019 - Design
10 Creative Signage Ideas

Signage is a great way to advertise your business in many ways. Signage can be crucial in the advertising of your business. You must make sure it is functional and says all it has to and also being memorable to your customers and potential customers too. This is a balance that can sometimes be hard to create. Using these signage ideas will help you capture a larger audience and help you create a larger customer base.

  1. Signage visibility is one of the most important things to think about. You need good visibility so that your sign can be seen easily.
  2. Readability of the sign is one of the most important factors to look at. You need to make sure the sign can be read easily by your customers.
  3. Your signage designs need to be thought about. Having an engaging sign is the best way to be seen. Putting bright colours make the sign hard to read, so avoid these.
  4. What colour attracts the customer? Eyes perceive colour first. Fewer colours are better for your signage. A dominant colour with contrasts and highlights against the lighter shade works the best.
  5. According to Jamie from Dock Street Signs “Choose a font to read from a distance. There is no point having a signage on a pavement for example for your company and customers must get very close to be able to read it. Choosing the right font is the key to your marketing success.”
  6. Catchy words to appeal to your customers. Be wise when choosing your words for your signage. Too much information will get lost on signage so keep it simple, so your customers can just focus on the necessary information, such as a call to action for your company.
  7. Empathise your identity. In today’s market there are lots of competition. You need to stand out, so your company can be seen amongst the competition.
  8. Refresh the signage time to time. As with all aspects of your company you will want to review your signage and see if anything needs updating or changing.
  9. Signage location and moving the signage around, banners etc. Depending on your business it will determine which signage you choose. Some businesses have pop up banners to use at networking events and promotional events. Others choose a signage that can go inside their business or a sign that can be placed on the pavement to encourage customers to come into their business or let them know about a special offer.
  10. You need to think about what signage materials you will be using. This will make a difference to your design too. There are many to choose from such as vinyl, aluminium, aluminate, acrylic, banners, coroplast and corrugated plastic, PVC, metal, neon, plastic etc. As you can see there are lots to choose from and they all have their own place in the signage world. Some are more appropriate for some business uses than others. So, depending on your business which signage material you will choose to use.

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