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Liquidstar Harnesses the Power of Crypto and NFTs to Improve the Livelihood of Rural Areas
The digital merits of Non-Fungible Tokens, commonly known as NFTs, are quite well-known at this point, but their application to real-world scenarios, in [...]
NFT Project-Sponsored DEEBIES Skate Team Announces First Element of the Roster
More and more, people are becoming aware of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), not only what they really are but also their applications in real world scenarios. [...]
YouTube downloader
The Only YouTube Downloader You’ll Ever Need
YouTube is one of those platforms that started as a joke and slowly grew to be one of the most demanded video platforms worldwide. Ever since its launch in [...]
Web design
How to create a stunning website for free
In whichever business you may be, if you want to capture your market in today’s time, you need a website. There are over 1.5 billion websites on the World [...]
Proven Tips to Help You Use Wax Liquidizer for THC Vape Juice
The effect of THC vape juice on the brain is an open secret. We all know that it can get one high. This highness is the type you may never get from the [...]
Logo design
3 ways your logo can impact your performance
Every year companies spend millions of dollars in logo design. While it may sound a bit extreme, there are tons of reasons to explain why every business in [...]
Business Blunders – 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Reopening Your Business After COVID-19
The world has been turned upside down by COVID-19. Both work and home life have become dramatically different, and getting back to a sense of normalcy has [...]
New World Networking – 5 Tips To Help You Network Effectively In 2020
Many businesses have either had to cease trading because they’re not an essential service provider, or their own clients have had to withdraw due to a lack [...]
car technology
6 new car technologies that are coming soon
Some say that cars will change more in the next ten years than they have in the last 50! With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the in-car [...]
lifting equipment
The Industries That LOLER Applies To
In the UK there are a series of rules in place to prevent serious accidents from taking place at the workplace. Some environments are more dangerous than [...]
art and technology
The important role of technology in contemporary art
In practically all cultures, art and technology come together, mixing and influencing each other. This partnership, which has always existed, has [...]
What impact has veganism had on farming?
According to the Vegan Society, 42 per cent of UK vegans made the choice to go meat-and-dairy-free in 2018, showing how rapidly the movement is picking up [...]