Gilles Baudet’s 5 Ways To Train Your Entrepreneurial Brain

23rd August 2023 - Business & Marketing
Gilles Baudet’s 5 Ways To Train Your Entrepreneurial Brain

Entrepreneurship certainly isn’t for everyone, this much is clear.

If it were, there would be a lot more business owners and a lot less employees around!

The main reason for this is that entrepreneurship is challenging, and there’s absolutely no doubt about that. Entrepreneur, Gilles Baudet, agrees that entrepreneurship is challenging but there are ways and means to deal with those encounters to move forwards and succeed.

Gilles Baudet is an entrepreneur based in Glasgow, United Kingdom. He has been an active entrepreneur since 2012 when he started his original business. Since then, his commercial ventures have become serial as he has created more related companies; all of which turning over a healthy profit year-on-year.

When speaking with Gilles Baudet, he puts his success, and the success of his businesses, down to one key element – the training of his entrepreneurial brain.

Entrepreneurs live a lifestyle unlike anyone around and similarly, they think differently too. The reason for this is, as Gilles states, they train their brains differently so that they can live a few years of their lives like most people won’t so that they can live the rest of their lives like most people can’t.

Where entrepreneurs are concerned, brain training doesn’t refer to completing simple mathematical games on a daily basis to keep the mind active – there’s more to it than that. If you are a business owner, or you know someone who is, bring up the subject of brain training and figure out how this can be impacted and ultimately, improved.

Gilles Baudet has offered advice on 5 ways to train your entrepreneurial brain:


An active body can create an active mind. It’s no secret that sitting about feeling sluggish can lead to the same train of thoughts. As an entrepreneur, you need to have an active imagination and a clear thought process to assist with ideas, tough decisions and figuring out how to move the business forward. Regular exercise will contribute to this, whether that be a simple daily walk or marathon training, it all has the same benefits.


A successful entrepreneur remains educated and the best way to self educate is to read. This doesn’t necessarily mean novels. This could be blog posts, or motivational pieces, or short excerpts, or success stories, or competitor material, or white papers, or – well – you get the drift. Anything that could motivate you, inspire you, educate you, or better you, is worth investing time in to keep your brain thinking.


A clear mind will work far more effectively than a busy one. Rather than lying in bed at night dealing with a million thoughts and ideas mulling round, be sure to write things down regularly. This will ensure that nothing is forgotten, ideas are documented, and most importantly, your brain will be clear and rested to continue performing to an optimum level.


Another way to clear the mind is to meditate. As an entrepreneur, there are a whole plethora of considerations to be made every minute of every day and as a result, the mind quickly becomes cluttered and often, this can lead to struggles with mental health. Gentle meditation can help you to deal with a busy mind and enable you to retain focus when it matters most.


Your brain performs and even surprises you more so in the face of adversity. One of the most important ways to train your brain as an entrepreneur is to ensure that you’re right out of your comfort zone as often as possible. Your brain will focus as a matter of necessity in order to make difficult decisions, to deal with problems and to help you succeed.

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