5 Quick Tips To Boost The Performance Of Your Old PC

10th December 2018 - Tech & Gadgets
5 Quick Tips To Boost The Performance Of Your Old PC

Nothing can be more annoying than staring at the ceiling while waiting for slow running PC to finish a simple task. You start freaking out and think,” that’s it, I’m gonna get a new one.”

Well, you can buy a new one, but you know that you are going to face the same issue again after some years. What if you can give your current machine a speed boost without biting the bullet and splash on a new PC?

Yes, you heard it right. There are ways to speed up your old computer and make it feel as good as new. Don’t believe us? Follow these relatively easy tips to boost the speed of your old pc, and you will see the difference.

Free Up Disk Space

One of the easiest and simple ways to help your computer run faster is to free up the disk space. Duplicate files, useless programs, and junk files can be the culprit behind the sluggish performance of your PC.

So, it is advised to use the disk cleanup feature in your pc to eradicate temp files, clean your recycle bin and other files that are no longer needed by you. All you need to do is:

Disable Startup Programs

Next thing that you need to check does your steam loads a pile of programs while booting. Some of these might be necessary, but there may be some programs that are just unnecessarily wasting your system resources. To keep track of the applications running every time you start the pc follow the steps below.

These days, you need to be careful while clicking online. An enticing link grabbing your attention might have enough viruses and malware to slow down your PC. Although some of these aren’t directly harmful, their increased use of system resources can cause your PC to slow down. So, make sure to keep your anti-virus and anti-malware programs updated to protect your system form such dodgy programs.


Another way to give your machine a performance boost is through overclocking. Remember, the more voltage your pc use, the more it heats up. And to support overclocking, you will need a solid cooling system. Overclocking is all about setting the CPU and memory to run at a speed that is higher than its official speed grade. If you are not sure about such technicalities, ask a pro for help.

Consider Upgrading the RAM

Looking for a better performance for multi-tasking but don’t want to shell out on an SSD? Considering some RAM upgrades can be a cheaper option to go with. When you buy your CPU, the most important thing you look for is the RAM. If you got a system having less than 2GB of RAM, going for an extra few gigabytes won’t cost you too much.

Now that you know how to boost your system’s speed and performance put these tips to practice and your old PC won’t feel quite so old anymore.

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