5 Skills To Look For In Your SEO Team

20th April 2018 - SEO
5 Skills To Look For In Your SEO Team

A great-looking and high-performance business website is definitely an asset. But the entire idea is to make it visible to the potential customers so that they know that you actually exist. The key lies in reaching the top of search rankings so that you are amongst the first names to turn up on customer search. This is where your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team can help you by optimizing your site to reach on the top and stay there. Getting fast and definitive result is a challenge in the current scenario as the competition out there is daunting. The skills and experience of your SEO team can make all the difference. Here are the key skills that you should look for in them:

1. Strategic Thinking

SEO is a strategic strategy that requires farsightedness as well as long-term planning. At the same time, the campaigns have to be tuned for short term-term results too. Yes, it is unrealistic to expect to get to the top in days or months. However, the team should be able to retain your position up there once you reach to the top. Someone who can focus on using agile tactics to get speedy results but still see the big picture makes a great partner.

2. Design Savviness

Another important skill that your SEO team must have is design savviness as web design is perhaps the mainstay of its success. It has a direct impact on the user experience and drives them to convert. Also, the design needs to be responsive so that users can access the site through their smartphones. Here, it becomes important for the SEO team to have complete knowledge of design so that they can tweak it for desired results if there is a need.

3. Analytical Expertise

Analytics make a vital aspect of the digital marketing strategy. The SEO professionals, therefore, need to have strong analytical skills so that they can gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the digital campaign. They should be comfortable with tools such as Google Analytics to enable them to assess the efficacy of the work they are doing. Simultaneously, knowledge of business KPIs is essential so that they can compare the results with the desired benchmarks.

4. Communication Skills

An SEO team requires strong communication skills so that they can understand what the client expects and at the same time, convey what they have to say. Communication is the bridge between the team and the client and plays a significant role in bringing fast and effective results from a campaign.

5. Perseverance

SEO is a tricky game and results come with time. Therefore, it is essential for the team to have perseverance. Also, they should have the ability to convince the clients that they would be able to bring results. Moreover, they should be flexible enough to change the strategies from time to time if they are not getting good results with one they are running.

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