5 Top Creative Ideas for Name Badges

17th March 2019 - Design
5 Top Creative Ideas for Name Badges

A good name badge is critical for representing your business. This is even more so when you intend to build new connections at networking events. One of the key qualities of designing a name badge is to ensure it is quirky, informative and stands out. At the same time, the badge needs to align with your business’s identity.

Your choices are endless when it comes to designing a successful badge. We have rounded up some of the top creative ideas to help inspire your name badge design.

1. Wooden Badges Are Pleasing on the Eye

You really can’t go wrong with a wooden name badge and these are transferrable from one industry to another. Plus, they’re eco-friendly, can be recycled and make for good souvenirs! A wooden design looks aesthetically pleasing and represents your business in a clean, smooth way without appearing too flashy. Bamboo wood is a popular choice of material for wooden badges.

2. Embrace Modernity with an Electronic ID

This next idea utilizes slick modern technology and is not yet very common at events, which makes it an even more attractive option! An electronic name badge has several features to help enhance your representation. This badge includes an embedded computer chip to make it easier for sharing contact details via a QR code. For further interactivity, you can even program the badge name to show up on a screen when activated – useful for answering quizzes!

3. Provide Some Humour with a Caricature Name Badge

If humour is an essential trait you wish to highlight to people, then a caricature design will fit well for your ID badge. Caricatures are exaggerated portrait drawings, usually with mocking and burlesque styles. A caricature of yourself and your employees will further enhance the uniqueness of your ID. These types of badges will, without a doubt, get people noticing and talking.

4. Yes, Scrabble Necklaces Are a Thing!

One of the most interesting ideas we’ve seen, and maybe even most bizarre depending on your viewpoint, is a scrabble necklace! We don’t expect this to be the most efficient way of representing a business, but it’s quirky nonetheless. This low-cost idea simply involves forming a name from scrabble letters and threading them to a piece of string. Alternatively, you could find some other way of incorporating scrabble pieces into an ID without having to wear it around your neck.

5. Designs Unique to Your Line of Work

We’ve mentioned some fascinating ideas in this article, but how about going the extra mile to grab the eye even further? A truly unique design will not only identify yourself and your business but will also clearly show the industry you work in and your personality. Consider the different ways you can incorporate industry elements into your badge. For instance, if you’re in the antique business, you may want to feature a vintage design. We’ve also seen a doctor wearing a stethoscope designed as a name badge!

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