6 Ways to Tell a Story of Love Through Wedding Photos

19th February 2018 - Photography
6 Ways to Tell a Story of Love Through Wedding Photos

Delivering the ultimate image of amour through wedding photos takes a meticulous eye.

That is why a wedding photographer should be able to identify opportunities to tell a story instead of just waiting for situations to unfold. As an in-demand Hobart wedding photographer would say, everything about a wedding has a story to tell and it’s part of the photographer’s job to work all these into a heartwarming tale of love.

To achieve a sincere artistic expression using pictures that evoke the truest emotions of a couple’s wedding day, photographers can employ the following six storytelling techniques:

1. Start off strong with the “setting”

There are several approaches that can be used to create the right background for a story so that people who will be looking at the pictures one day will feel like they’ve been transported back to the occasion.

You can take images of the wedding venue surroundings and the weather during the day. Include all of the day’s artistic details as well – the exquisite flower arrangements, the color scheme, the charming lighting, and even the decadent food (take a cue from expert food photographers who manage to make food “act”), to cite some.

The important thing is to capture how being part of the occasion feels.

2. Create a backstory with the pre-wedding activities

The different pre-wedding activities also make for an engaging “opening chapter” to the wedding story. They will provide the right context to the grandiosity of what’s to come – the ceremony that signifies their eternal union.

You can use photos of these activities (the stag and bachelorette parties, the welcome dinner for out-of-town wedding guests, a day of pampering for the bride and her mother, and the like) to introduce the couple, the love they have for each other, and all the witnesses and supporters of their relationship.

3. Find inspiration from the many physical elements of the wedding

Everything (from the lovely table linens to the colorful blooms and the bridal gown) has a unique contribution to the wedding story. Learn why they were chosen and the values they represent. All of these can highlight the unique personality of the bride and groom – the main characters of the day.

4. Focus on the meaningful details of the wedding ceremony

The truest emotions come on display during the wedding ceremony. You should naturally keep the lenses on the couple, but turn the focus every now and then to the witnesses of the event. You’re sure to find several teary eyes, proud smiles, and facial expressions of clear admiration and happiness.

The most meaningful parts of the ceremony are usually when the bride is walking down the aisle, the reading of vows, the exchange of rings, and the kiss (of course).

5. Don’t be afraid to create moments too

Despite the wedding’s natural atmosphere of romance, the whole event is not always a series of perfect scenes. In some aspects, you have to take control and put a halt to the wedding chaos to create a moment of genuine joy.

You need to be ready with your photo concepts and provide instructions for everyone to relax and share their happiness and excitement for the couple, so that everyone’s joy can really shine through.

But don’t just get everyone acting; set things up gently – just like in the movies. Dish out the “emotion prompts” – compliment the bride and her mom, for example, or bring up the fact that the clock’s about to strike and put an end to singlehood.

6. Stay alert during the reception to capture the beautiful conclusion of the event

Every experienced wedding photographer will tell you that the wedding reception party is definitely a gem for capturing images. The party is that part of the entire wedding event when everybody’s unafraid to be genuine. The youngest members of the entourage (flower girls and ring bearers) no longer have to keep still so their outfits remain crisp and clean, the bridesmaids are ready to kick off their stilettos, and the groomsmen can undo their ties and tuxedos to be more comfortable.

The party also serves as a visual representation of what marriage is like at times. It’s fun, but things can get out of control. Also, there are both serious bits and plainly crazy occurrences (that may also be a little embarrassing, so they’re definitely something to learn from). Some tears from the couple’s parents, a few too-personal stories from the groomsmen, questions of pregnancies and plans for the future from elderly relatives – those kinds of things. No wedding would be complete without them.

All in all, the party truly is the perfect wrap-up to the wedding story.

With these storytelling techniques, you can turn the wedding-day bliss into a photo book masterpiece that the couple can lovingly revisit throughout their marriage.


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Linda Pasfield is best known for her skill to capture emotion on film and expression in an art form. Linda has had 20 years of experience photographing weddings, portraiture and documentary. She is an award-winning photographer and Linda’s career has taken her worldwide, photographing for Olim Aid International, Worship Centre and Cross Rds, and numerous other organisations. Photography is Linda’s passion and “capturing the true feelings on the day, blending creativity and lighting in the right way is a joy.”

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