Awesome tools for successful remote web-design teams

4th August 2017 - Development
Awesome tools for successful remote web-design teams

When working with a virtual team of web-designers that are scattered all over the world you need to make sure that communication flows smoothly and that everybody on the team is on the same page. Although geographical distance and different time zones can sometimes be an obstacle for effective team communication, collaborating with remote teams can yield outstanding results and bring much success to your business.

However, sometimes the extensive knowledge and professional skills of your web design team cannot guarantee that everything will go according to the plan. Therefore, to enhance your virtual team communication and create a real team culture you should consider investing in communication and web design tools.

Here, we’ve rounded up a list of the best tools that should help your web designers improve their communication flow and leverage their productivity.


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Slack is a fantastic communication tool that brings the team communication to a whole new level. It allows your remote team to create channels for projects and various topics and organize their conversation. The team can create as many channels as they like and open private channels when the need to share sensitive information. Also, Slack does not only let your team drag, drop and share your files with ease but it also connects all the tools you use and sends you all the notifications in one place.


ActiveCollab is a feature-rich web design project management software that helps your team stay organized and deliver positive results within specific timelines. With ActiveCollab, your team can easily track every minute of your work, create to-do lists and work efficiently to produce the top-notch outcome. The best part is that it allows you to involve your client into the project and invoice in just a few clicks. ActiveCollab will undoubtedly boost your virtual team’s communication flow and help them manage their tasks seamlessly.


Snagit is a simple but powerful screen capture software that lets your team capture images and important data in a matter of seconds. It’s flexible and easy to use tool for anybody who wants to spend less time explaining things and more time doing real work. It gives your team ability to screenshot a video or an image and edit it with professional quality markup tools. You can also record an online meeting and get a short URL to share your recordings with everyone.

Invasion is an excellent design prototyping tool designed especially for professional designers. It enables your team to upload any design files and add animations to be able to transform static screens into movable and interactive prototypes. Also, users can use integrations with Dropbox and Google Drive to sync files smoothly. On top of that, Invision offers features that allow you to collaborate, provide feedback and improve workflow. It will help you run an agile project management and produce creative and unique design work.


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A mural is a creative tool that offers your team a digital workspace for visual collaboration and innovation regardless of your team’s location. It lets you drag-and-drop media files and documents on a big HTML5 drawing board stimulating you to share your thoughts and brainstorm new inspiring ideas. In its core, Mural does not only help your team gather and organize their ideas but also it enables them to edit and make necessary changes right on the spot, in real time. Naturally, you can access Mural from any device.


Redpen is the fastest proofreading tool designed specifically for visual teams. If your web-design teams work with visuals, RedPen will help them work effortlessly on their web-design projects. With RedPen, you can point and click to provide feedback which everyone can see. RedPen also enables you to invite your colleagues to give you feedback by sending them a link via email. Finally, it gives you the ability to keep track of your agile project management as well as of many versions of your images and keep them organized.

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