Best areas to live in the UK for overall happiness

1st July 2019 - Business & Marketing
Best areas to live in the UK for overall happiness

Setting down your roots and planning for the future is something that requires a lot of thought. Whether you’re a first time buyer in London, you’re just moving out from your Mum’s or you need an extra room for an extra baby, finding the perfect spot at the right price without having to compromise on quality is essential. But what are the happiest areas to live in and where can you build your future knowing it will be bubbling with joy. There is no surprise on why a lot of people are considering moving to London.

Dopamine delivering Dover

No surprises here! The kooky, quaint, kaleidoscopic seaside town has got to be up there for happiness if not for amazing ice creams. With the days beginning with yoga on the beach or a jog along the seafront you won’t find anywhere with more exuberance. Forget lagging Monday mornings and feel motivated by the infectious optimism of these coastal yokels. With plenty of shared ownership for sale in Dover you can get your hands on your own set of french doors and sea views.

Oxytocin oozing Oxford

While you may not have much of a chance if you go to a pub quiz in this student populated city, Oxford is renowned for its lavish living and awe-inspiring architecture. A free thinking town buzzing with free thinkers, this area is ideal if you want to live everyday like you’re in a romantic period drama. With its swashbuckling buildings and beautifully cut lawns, ambling these streets will give you an all-consuming sense of wonderment. And with Shared ownership in Oxford you can wrap yourself in the effortless charm and hopefully absorb some of the academic genius that hangs in the air.

Neurological nirvana Nottingham

Well if it’s good enough for Robin Hood it’s good enough for us! Nottingham is the perfect place to set down your roots and relish in the thriving creativity that this city instills. With a medieval castle overlooking the towns and the enveloping hills giving this area a serene feel the people here take life at steady pace. Shared ownership in Nottingham is a great way to take advantage of this legendary, spellbinding city nestled in enchanting forests and rolling meadows.

Serotonin secreting Surrey

If you’re looking for an area that has the best of both worlds when it comes to easy going rural living but still keeps you in the loop of buzzing urban excitement then Surrey should definitely be on your house hunting list. With the thriving community feel and less than stressful commute times into the capital, there’s no wonder these surreans are some of the happiest people around. So let Surrey put a smile on your face with shared ownership in Surrey.

Endorphine exuding Essex

While the dramas in Towie may say different, Essex is definitely ranking high for its gleefulness. Decorated in charming market towns while still showcasing an eclectic and modern city centre, the people of Essex have it all. With a quiet coastline and sleepy villages nuzzled into the cosy coves, shared ownership in Essex will have you spending your weekends filled with everything from shopping to shell picking.

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