Blockchain Technology is Powering America’s Newest Political Party

20th June 2018 - Technology
Blockchain Technology is Powering America’s Newest Political Party

Blockchain technology, its potential and its effect on society are becoming more and more understood, especially in terms of its applications. This technology can be put to work on virtually any field on action, and politics is no different – to prove this, enter The Indie Party, the newest political party in the United States of America.

Presented last March in Austin, Texas, during the 2018 edition of the SXSW Festival, this is a new movement that wants to end the current political scope of the country, in which there are only two really “electable” parties, the Republican and the Democrat parties, which have been ruling the US since the 19th century.

Statistics show that Americans believe that a third major party is needed in the country, so The Indie Party might very well be it. This party relies heavily on cutting-edge technology to power its operations and, mainly, the way it deals with funds.

By creating its own ICO token, Indie Token (IND), it can assure the safety and transparency to all operations, both for the party, its candidates and its donors and volunteers.

In fact, volunteering is also an important part of the party, as it allows people to gather Indie Tokens, which can then be used to fund candidates, to redeem for offers and discounts, among other options – again, all of this done will full transparency, as per the features of the blockchain technology itself.

The first candidate of The Indie Party is already doing his job, trying to get to the ballot in this year’s General Election in Texas. Jonathan Jenkins, the person running for office, is accepting donations, either via Indie Tokens or dollars, to help him get a place in the election, which would surely be a great landmark for this new party.

One of The Indie Party’s biggest strengths is its appeal to the young masses, especially in these technology-obsessed new generations, including millennials. They also want a more transparent political system, and this new party may just have given the kickoff the country needed.

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