Cluj IT Cluster and the Rawabi Tech Hub establish international partnership

6th March 2019 - IT Systems
Cluj IT Cluster and the Rawabi Tech Hub establish international partnership

In the end of January, the Romanian region of Cluj-Napoca and the Palestinian region of Rawabi established a connection that aims to bring benefits for both, with a special focus on the IT sector. This partnership was established by the organizations Cluj IT Cluster and the Rawabi Tech Hub, two major players in the IT sector of the respective regions.

The Cluj IT Cluster hosts more than 65 members, including IT companies, universities, research centers and more, globally employing thousands of professionals and having a joint revenue of more than $100 million. Its main goal is to increase the competitiveness of Romania’s IT sector, while also increasing awareness over it with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe.

On the words of Alexandru Tulai, vice president of the Cluj IT Cluster:

“The mission of Cluj IT is to provide consistent support through ICT infrastructure for the key components needed for local and regional integrated development: education, innovation, entrepreneurial administration and community organization. The contribution of IT companies from the cluster to the growth of various value chains shows we are in the process of maturing our industry, while the collaborative business approach cannot disregard the international aspect, partners with whom we identify synergies.”

On its end, the Rawabi Foundation, with the Rawabi Tech Hub, plays a central part in the IT sector of the region. Its purpose is broader, though, as it wants to create the conditions to advance the entire Palestinian IT sector, namely with three big courses of action: creation of an enabling infrastructure for local and international enterprises; establishment of a technology-focused training institute; and leveraging the collaborative and innovation-spurring community work spaces and investment funds.

Bashar Masri, founder of Rawabi city, commented on the importance of the organization:

“The world is moving forward; information technology is now a primary tool to improve all sectors of life in all countries around the world. That is why Rawabi is so keenly focused on development of the ICT sector. We believe it offers the best opportunity for Palestinian entrepreneurs, technicians and local start-ups to innovate and compete in the global marketplace.”

With this partnership, both organizations will collaborate closely, not only to advance the relationship between each other, but also to share important information and knowledge between them, including mentorship, market channels, and more.

Given that this partnership is the first IT-related established between the two countries, it will be interesting to keep a close monitor on this agreement and the impact it has on both regions IT sector.

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