DNA Romance: The (Literal) Genetics Behind Love

21st February 2018 - Technology
DNA Romance: The (Literal) Genetics Behind Love

It is often said that love is not an exact science and, mostly, it seems accurate. Love depends on a number of factors, and we simply cannot comprehend some of them. Scientists have shown that love has to do not only to physical attractiveness but also, attraction to personality and “Chemistry” chemical attraction.

There is, however, a company that believes to have found the science behind love forecasting chemistry using genetics, and they also measure personality compatibility using psychology, then for attractiveness you see a picture. The websites name is DNA Romance a matchmaking platform that uses a vast scientific research and background to help determine the role played by our genetic information and personalities in the ways we fall in love. All the information is clustered and processed by the proprietary purposely built computer algorithms. By harnessing scientific information of love from white paper scientific research DNA Romance strives to produce matches that are more reliable and hopefully, more lasting. Dr. Timothy Sexton, a co-founder of DNA Romance stated:

“Chemical attraction is one natural radar for dating compatibility, but existing dating platforms fail to measure Chemistry which is a major component of human attraction that is normally measured by our sense of smell on the first date.”

DNA Romance uses the genetic information of its users, which is obtained from DNA testing services that they have used before or, alternatively from other direct to consumer DNA tests, including 23andMe,, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage, or several others on the market.

Being a leader in this field DNA Romance was even acknowledged in a white paper published in Nature Biotechnology. The company also participated in the Canadian version of the popular TV show Dragon’s Den and while it didn’t get those investors money, the company is still thriving just recently buying the domain name of an important competitor in the United States called

DNA Romance is run and owned by people with vast experience and background in this field, four of the owners hold PhD’s and the CFO cofounder Judith Bosire has two Master’s degrees. DNA Romance is taking a new approach to the world of matchmaking and will appeal to people who are regular users of dating and matchmaking sites, or those people with wanting to predict more elements of  human attraction before they meet in person.

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