Five health apps to keep you motivated…

26th June 2019 - Mobile & Apps
Five health apps to keep you motivated…

Did you know that by 2020, the UK’s wellness and fitness industry is estimated to hit an incredible £22.8 billion?  The bulk of this figure comes from the likes of sports equipment and gym memberships, as well as alternative medicines.  What’s clear though is that the UK, as a nation, loves to start new health regimes.

Data revealed that approximately 14.5 million people (29% of the British population) said they were committed to improving their fitness last year. But, how can we stick to our guns and improve our health when motivation begins to subside?  In this article, Here, omega 7 stockist, Pharma Nord, offer up some of the best health apps to download:

Couch to 5k

Running doesn’t have to be all about marathons. For many the couch to 5k is the perfect app.  Presented by Public Health England, it builds you up gradually with a mix of running and walking so that within 9 weeks you should be able to run 5 kilometres (3.1 miles). There’s also a choice of five virtual trainers to help you on your fitness journey and keep you motivated.

Available from: iTunes and Google Play

Price: Free


Quitting smoking can be a huge ask for many who are addicted. In 2017, five million people in the UK tried to kick the habit, but one in five didn’t achieve a month without a cigarette. With the Smokefree app, you will be provided with daily tips, advice and support over a 28-day programme. Better still, you’ll be rewarded if you meet your goals! The app states that you are up to five times more likely to quit for good If you stay smoke free for the four-week programme.

Available from: iTunes and Google Play

Price: Free


If you fancy yourself as a gamer then this could be the app for you. This app treats fitness as a classic video game and sets you challenges to complete using no more than a chair, your own weight or a wall. These tasks are set daily for seven months and each day you miss, you will lose a life (you start with three). If you lose all three in a month, your progress is reset to zero. Stick with it and you’re sure to see results!

Available from: iTunes and Google Play

Price: Free, or £3.99 per month for premium

Calorie checker

Right from the very off some of us fail because of our intake of calories. While the odd takeaway or cheat meal is often encouraged by health experts, so too is portion control. The NHS’s calorie checker is a great way to monitor your intake, with over 150,000 food and drink itemised products showing the calorie and fat content.

Available from: NHS website

Price: Free


Stay away from the crowded gyms with this app. Sworkit’s ‘no gym, no excuse’ slogan, it pretty much speaks for itself. With a host of exercise ideas and programmes to choose from, including strength, cardio and stretching, you can mould your perfect workout. The app will deliver an array of exercises to follow during your session and is a great option for those who already have a good knowledge of where they want to target.

Available from: iTunes and Google Play

Price: Free, with the options of in-app purchases

If health and wellbeing is your goal, these five apps can certainly help you crack your targets. Whether that’s by quitting smoking, improving your diet or upping your exercise regime, these helpful tools can be a great aid for your targets. Good luck!


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