The important role of technology in contemporary art

3rd March 2020 - Design
The important role of technology in contemporary art

In practically all cultures, art and technology come together, mixing and influencing each other. This partnership, which has always existed, has accelerated in recent years and allowed the creation of new art forms as well as more beautiful and humanized technologies. Visionary artists are increasingly tech savvy and creative tech professionals drink from art sources to create their products.

Technological development currently allows artists to use new tools to produce art in an innovative way. Multimedia equipment, programming codes and electronic objects are some of the new areas where artists can demonstrate their ideas.

Another characteristic of this merger is the possibility of uniting artists and other professionals to create new ideas and products. Currently, companies and art studios bring together artists and mathematicians, designers and computer professionals to work together, among others.

Technology also draws on the source of art to be inspired, renewed and embellished. Among the many recent examples of this partnership we can mention the concern that the technology company Apple has in creating products that besides being modern are also aesthetically beautiful both in terms of hardware and in their programs.

To achieve this goal, the company is inspired by various forms of artistic manifestations such as painting, sculpture and design. And, in fact, companies from different sectors, especially in the technological area, have found in the arts the influence they needed to make their products and services more beautiful, functional and accepted by their consumers.

Aware of this connection between art and technology, the African American Arts & Culture Complex (AAACC) in San Francisco, California, has created an artist in residency program, which will have artists creating and exploring possibilities related to arts and technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

With this program, AAACC hopes to not only allow these artists to come in contact with technology that is probably new to them, but also to, in the end, help produce some new and innovative works of art, taking advantage of this marriage that is still so much in its initial stages of evolution.

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