How to Make Your Home Office The Best On A Budget

10th November 2018 - Business & Marketing
How to Make Your Home Office The Best On A Budget

If you work from home, your home office is your pride and joy. You sit in there for most of your day, so it needs to be comfortable, functional, and look good. If you’re struggling to think of ways to improve your home office, here’s some tips that should fit in your budget.

Your Chair

The chair in your office needs to be super comfortable because you’ll spend around 2000 hours in that chair each year. Aside from comfort, you should also focus on how ergonomic the chair is. As mentioned earlier, you’ll spend around 2000 hours in that chair so if it affects your posture, it could create back problems in the future. Finding the perfect chair for you involves a lot of sitting! Some people don’t even have a chair in their office and have a standing desk which for people on a budget, could save quite a bit of money. Aside from standing up, the cheapest options for a chair can start around £60, which for at least 2000 hours worth of sitting, isn’t too bad.


With a home business, there’s a lot of information that needs to keep organised and kept safe. Which is why a cabinet or even just a small desk organiser becomes an absolute lifesaver! Any important documents that you receive or make can go straight in your cabinet. Desk organisers are perfect for anyone who is on a budget, as you can pick them up for under £5.

DIY Speaker System

Playing a bit of music throughout your day keeps you entertained through the more boring tasks. However, speakers and headphones can be very expensive. So why not build your own speaker system with some plastic. To learn how to build it, check out the infographic below.

If you want to learn more about DIY speaker units and other uses for plastics like perspex cut to size, have a read through the infographic.

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