How to Make a Successful R&D Tax Credit Claim

28th February 2019 - Business & Marketing
How to Make a Successful R&D Tax Credit Claim

R&D tax consultant’s pivotal job concerns the cost that is required to process and develop the service or any product that would be able to get a certain amount of cash amount or a reduction in the tax by HMRC. The more they are maximized the more lucrative the business gets. R&D tax Incentive consultant has got a lot of pressure for they need a lot of attention to deal with its complexities. Many of the times the definition of the problems are so vague that it demotivates them to work for it. It has to be fully explained in order to achieve a successful implementation.

Many of the times the companies are consumed if they really qualify for this claim. The simple answer is that any of the company can be eligible if they are planning to take up any development activity which might contribute to the field of technology. This claim also welcomes companies who are courageous enough to be risky and innovative with their products, ideas, and services.

Many of the times the companies are very uncertain to make their claims successful. This can occur if one’s team is unsure about setting their goals clear in their proposal. Here is the list of things which you can follow to make your R&D Tax Credit Claim successful

R&D tax Incentive consultant helps you determine company size

Many people own this wrong perception that if their company has a small budget then they won’t qualify for the claim or be eligible for the process. This is completely a myth. You need to realize that research and development credits have two sizes. One is small and the other is large. At least apply as there are great opportunities for the small companies as well. First of all, sort out the size of your business and then be confident for the claim

Grant funding

Many are not yet aware of the downside of grant funding. You need to realize that grant funding can have an impact on the claim which would make for tax credits. There are two categories of the grant. One is notified state aid and the other is non-notified one. You should know the difference between them in order to know how it will affect your tax credit.

R&D tax consultant helps in distinguishing claims

If you tend to ignore this part of the claiming process then you are doing a huge mistake. Bear in mind that it is your responsibility to know the difference in what you are eligible to claim and what you are not. There is no doubt that you will want to claim for maximum credit but then asking for wrong funding will diminish your chances and you can be held accountable. If you are claiming the things which are not eligible then this can surely go against you and delay the entire process. So it is always advisable to go for prior research or with the advice of an R&D tax consultant for maximizing your chances.

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