Meet Bubblo, the Discovery App Using AI and Blockchain

14th May 2018 - Mobile & Apps
Meet Bubblo, the Discovery App Using AI and Blockchain

Most people are now acquainted with the term Artificial Intelligence (AI), but not everyone is absolutely sure of the meaning behind the term. To clear confusions and to keep it simple, a short definition can be that AI is a field of computing working to make computers think like humans, making them as intelligent as mankind.

Another powerful term in the tech world these days is blockchain, which consists of a new technology that serves as the base for all cryptocurrencies and is a network that works with very secure chained blocks that always carry content next to a “fingerprint”, which is essential for control and traceability of operations.

Now, a company brought these two technologies together in order to form a revolutionary marketplace for the discovery, analysis and exchange of data: meet Bubblo. This decentralized discovery platform allows users to, in real-time, get recommendations of restaurants, bars and others, using a constant flow of data that is generated by others users.

With the power of AI and IBM Watson, Bubblo can go through all that data and provide users with the most suitable recommendations for them at each given time. Given that the information provided by users is essential for the entire workflow, Bubblo makes sure users are incentivized to do so by giving them Bubblo tokens, using its very own cryptocurrency.

Currently in its pre-sale phase, the Bubblo Coin (BUBL) is the mechanism by which the platform’s users are incentivized to generate high-quality real-time data for it. By redeeming these tokens, users can obtain discounts and other rewards at venues and merchants – in fact, BUBL is also beneficial for merchants, as they can retarget their clients or collect valuable market insight by exchanging the tokens with Bubblo.

Bubblo’s platform promises to be a gamechanger in the niche of discovery, not only through the technology it implements but also via the really smart rewarding system it has in place, which benefits both users and merchants alike.

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