New World Networking – 5 Tips To Help You Network Effectively In 2020

8th July 2020 - Business & Marketing
New World Networking – 5 Tips To Help You Network Effectively In 2020

Many businesses have either had to cease trading because they’re not an essential service provider, or their own clients have had to withdraw due to a lack of funds. The aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic is still around us. If you have had to slow down, it’s the perfect time to work on your business instead of in your business. Here are five ways to approach networking that will give you real results in this economic climate:

1. Try New Brand Awareness Campaigns

Now is the perfect time to evaluate your current brand awareness campaigns. How are you keeping your brand’s name at the forefront of your target audience’s mind? A good presence on social media is essential, but with the world’s current economic climate, you need to take it further.

Look at strategies to maintain good relationships with existing clients and onboard new clients more effectively with superb corporate gifts. High-quality gifts that add value to people’s daily lives will keep your brand at the forefront of the user’s mind in a way that’s subtle yet powerful.

2. Get Social But Choose Engagement Over Broadcasting

Choosing to engage rather than broadcast should feature in your strategy anyway, but during financially trying times, engagement with the general public will give your brand that networking edge. Cultivating strong long-term relationships creates the perfect environment for transactions to take place because you have established trust.

Networking on social media means doing more than posting regularly and running ads. It also means joining local community Facebook groups, taking part in industry competitions and events, and being active in both your local community and your business industry.

3. Try Network Marketing – Virtually

Network marketing has its pros and cons. With social distancing still in place for most regions, industry networking meetings are no longer taking place in a physical meeting room. You can now join virtually, which makes these meetings more attainable for many people who might find it difficult to drive out.

It’s also more cost-effective, but you still have the same opportunity to get your brand seen, heard, and loved. Make networking meetings work for you by really cultivating relationships with the other attendees so that they can refer leads to you.

4. Attend A Virtual Trade Fair

Many trade fairs are now unable to run as they usually do since the 2020 ban on public gatherings makes it an impractical risk factor. Instead, these thriving events that provide many businesses with their annual lead-generation opportunities, have taken to the digital world, like so many others.

Can’t find a virtual trade show that appeals to you? Why not try hosting a trade fair yourself? There’s a great demand for it, and it’s the fastest and most effective way to network and get your brand some serious exposure in the crowd that means the most to you – your own industry.

5. Get Active In Your Local Community

Network with charitable outreach as a strategy. Offering your professional services to a non-profit organization that would benefit from your offerings gives you an opportunity to advertise your skills. You’re also doing good and making a positive impact on the world.

They say that luck is a dividend of sweat – the harder you work the greater the rewards – so get your hands dirty. Word will spread that your organization has a heart. The positive brand exposure that arises from charity work will cultivate trust and attract new leads to your business.

Implement one or all of the networking strategies above to help your business flourish, even through difficult times.

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