Proven Tips to Help You Use Wax Liquidizer for THC Vape Juice

4th August 2020 - Tech & Gadgets
Proven Tips to Help You Use Wax Liquidizer for THC Vape Juice

The effect of THC vape juice on the brain is an open secret. We all know that it can get one high. This highness is the type you may never get from the smoking of flowers or dry herbs. It can be quite frustrating using a THC vape juice, which is lacking in the right thickness or flavor needed for vaporizing.

You should note that getting the ideal THC vape juice is not exactly rocket science. This is especially if you have the requisite knowledge and kits to get the job done.

The constituents required for you to improve the quality of the THC include terpenes and wax liquidizer. With these two solutions, you can do so much. If you are lacking in experience with cannabinoids like THC and CBD, there are many online sources to help you learn more about them and their benefits. For example, websites like CFAH and many more are available for you to take a look at in order to learn more about this kind of product. 

What are wax liquidizers?

Most people get drawn to the uniqueness of terpenes liquidizers. The main reason for this is that it got approved by the FDA. It, thus, suffices to say that it is safe to inhale. This is further helped by the fact that it does not contain substances that could poison you and also does not have marijuana inside.

One other interesting fact is that users may opt to try out as many flavors as they desire. This is dependent on the flavor you desire. For instance, if you are into the apple, you should consider ordering apple flavor from the retailer.

What are the benefits of using wax liquidizers?

Several benefits come with using this solution. First is that you can use it to turn wax into vape juice. Secondly, you can use it to thin out your pre-filled setup cartridge or thicken it as the case may be. It also serves as a flavor enhancer, which makes it usable in public space.

Is it advisable to only use it with THC vape juice?

You will be able to use it on anything. Because it is not poisonous, the solution can function with any distillate, wax, and CBD e-liquid. Oral oils and creams may not need the use of such wax liquidizers.

Due to the effect which THC comes with, liquidizers are your best bet when using THC concentrates. Although it does not give you the required high, it can go a long way in enhancing your vaping experience.

It suffices to say that when you are purchasing your wax, make sure that it has the required level of THC. Its experts suggest that you go for 80 percent. In a case where it is lower than that, you should ditch it. This is a result of the fact that you will vape a lot before you can get high.

At what point should you include terpenes

One thing about THC is that when too much heat gets added, it has a way of reducing the flavor. What this implies is that it affects the taste. Due to this reason, you should include some terpenes.

When vapers use terpenes, it helps to bring out the cannabis taste. You may opt to add the terpenes during preparation or after the vape juice is ready. You should be careful about the ratio to get added. It won’t augur well if the flavor is more than the THC juice flavor.

How can you prepare THC vape juice with wax liquidizer?

The process of getting vape juice from THC concentrates is quite straightforward. The moment you begin to transfer the wax inside a glass, you may add up the needed ration of wax liquidizer. After that, turn it inside and place it in a microwave for a few seconds.

It should be noted that the heating process does not require a lot of time.

What you need to do is heat up the mix to ensure that work is a lot easier when you are vaping. One thing you must, however, never forget is that overheating it would mean lower vape juice quality. You should, therefore, be constant and observant when you are using a stove. This is because it does not come with the timing function which microwaves have.

The final step involves using a syringe to add up the final mix inside the pen. If you experience too much e-liquid, you may store it up inside a silicon container. Ensure you keep it inside a dark environment so that it does not come in contact with sunlight.

Does the wax liquidizer in any way turn the vape juice darker?

The answer to this is no! Liquidizers on their own do not have the power to influence their color. If you observe this, then know that there is something wrong with either the liquidizer or THC concentration.

Usually, when the liquidizer gets expired, it affects the color of the THC e-liquid. This is why you must have the right system of storage.

Also, to this, the right wattage is dependent on how well you thin or thicken the e-liquid. Getting a replacement for vape pens is quite expensive, and as such, you must seek to avoid them. You should ensure that you consider the appropriate mixing ratio first. When this gets done, you can be sure of using the appropriate wattage during vaporization.

In a scenario where you have a pre-filled cartridge, and you observe that it appears too thick, you may use the terpene or wax liquidizer to get it thinned to the viscosity you prefer.

Last line

The first step to success in this venture involves making the right decision. This would go a long way in making your vaping experience worthwhile. Also, learn how best to mix the solutions as a professional would. One virtue you would need is patience. This is because it takes some time to prepare the Vape juice.

In summary, you should know that it is possible to include the terpene diluents and liquidizer in the solution. You should be careful about the quantity you add. Using excessive amounts can result in a reduction in the quality of the vape juice.

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