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22nd April 2018 - Advertising

Whether they are large or small, sell products or services, operate on a very specific or general niche, all companies want the same thing: to reach out to more and more people by investing the least amount of resources and obtaining the greatest possible benefit. There is a very effective way to achieve all of this and, at the same time, get all potential customers to know about a business, if they are interested in it: online advertising.

Unlike traditional advertising, online advertising is becoming increasingly accessible to all businesses, and allows any company to reach its target audience in a quick, simple, effective and affordable manner. Considering all this, it comes as no surprise that online advertising is gaining lots of ground these days, especially when compared with traditional advertising.

Despite all of its advantages, online advertising still has some challenges, and takes time and effort to optimize. This can be mitigated with a specialized tool like, an online advertisement assistant that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to tackle these issues.

Frank is connected to more than two million websites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google, being able to setup, optimize and create multiple reports on ad campaigns. This makes it easy for marketer to create and setup an online advertising campaign.

In fact, that is done by simply filling out some information about the campaign, including where the ads should be shown and to what audience, and Frank does the rest. It automatically launches campaigns in the most appropriate channels, allowing users to track the progress of campaigns in real time.

Frank is now being used by over 700 companies which, with little to no effort, have seen their ROI maximized. By using Frank, money is applied on the most effective solution, contrarily to what happens in traditional advertising, where most of the process goes by trial and error, sometimes leading to financial losses and/or low ROI.

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