Top 5 tips for designing better CTA buttons in 2017

21st October 2017 - Development
Top 5 tips for designing better CTA buttons in 2017

Is your website appealing enough to inspire viewer to take action? If not, then call to action button could save you. Your CTA buttons are arguably the most important design element of your website.

Considering the importance, getting buttons and call-to-action is absolutely worth it. The main goal of CTA is to drive visitors to become potential leads and guide them to towards your goal conversion. In this article, we will mention some top trending tips to make your CTA better, clickable and attention grabbing.

1. Color contrast

An easy way to make your CTA stand out is by using vibrant and high contrast colors that are ideally best at drawing attention. The color used should be eye- catching, attractive and appealing to drive the most clicks and higher conversion. According to most of the experts, colors help a lot in maintaining absolute brand consistency. It’s definitely worth testing different colors on website your to see which suits the most. Generally, bright colors are preferred like orange or green as they are considered to be the highest conversion button. However if you’re still not sure, you can test and check what color come off most appealing.

2. Negative space

Negative space is equally important as color contrast. Negative space gives your website a room to breathe and separates your CTA buttons from others in your user interface. It even makes your website responsive and take it to the next level. According to the majority of expert creative designers, the inception of mobile platforms have further enriched the importance and demand for using more negative space than ever before.

3. Use readable texts

Your call-to-action text should be large enough to be read easily. The text should not to be too large or too small, it should be of average size that it can draw attention. Keeping it short and to the point that will compel the visitors to take an action is the goal to achieve. The majority of professional website designers around the world highly recommend using easily readable texts in order to achieve better level of user friendliness. The more you infuse user friendliness the more are the chances of engaging readers for longer period of time.

4. Large buttons shapes

Call to action buttons have continued to play an important role for websites in terms of augmenting the lead generation capability of websites but over the years, experts have adopted several newer techniques for designing call to action buttons. If we specifically look into the todayt’s trending tips for CTA button designs then using large button sizes appears to be on top of the list for web designers from all around the world. Aside from color and texts, large buttons can be appealing enough to grab viewer’s eye. You can add large buttons with round corners, rectangles and other different shapes as per your consideration. Shapes play a crucial role in building a CTA button. You need to determine which shape will be suitable and most beneficial for the site.

5. Make the button more visible

The placement of your buttons should be placed in such a way that users can easily locate and never miss out. Keeping your CTA button above the fold always to avoid it from missing out and making it available for the users to click. The button should be aligned where users expect them to be. Either we talk about intelligently designing and placing the CTA buttons around the website as discussed in the previous section or we critically look into the area of the extent to which these buttons must be visible, it is basically all about improving and enriching the overall user experience which matters the most.

6. The fewer choice the better

Offering users less to choose from is what needs to be done in order to keep customers out of confusion and compel them to take an action. Designing your button in a way that provides limited choice. When given too many choices, users tend to get confused, to avoid the confusion it’s better to give them limited choice to choose from and make it easier for them and keep them happy.

In conclusion, the best tip is to find the best combination through testing each tip and see if it brings an effective change.


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