Travel and Shop from Within Avenue Planet’s VR Platform

6th March 2017 - Technology
Travel and Shop from Within Avenue Planet’s VR Platform

Imagine putting on some Virtual Reality (VR) gear and, just like that, being able to visit some of the world’s most famous avenues. More than that, imagine having the chance to, while taking a stroll there, enter some stores and shop their products. Luckily, and thanks to the astounding advancements of technology, this is now a reality.

Avenue Planet is a company based in Miami and with offices in Barcelona, Oporto, and London. It was co-founded by Bruno Costa Carvalho and Sanjay Daswani, and features a VR platform which allows users not only to visit the most popular avenues on the planet, but also to shop while doing so. In these initial stages, though, it supports only a single avenue, with plans for expansion up to 12 avenues, as Carvalho explains:

“It gives us great pleasure to be launching Avenue Planet and the first Virtual Avenue, Miami’s very own Lincoln Road. Users are going to be able to live experiences, interact with brands and consume the best content ever from the comfort of their own homes.”

Shopping inside Avenue Planet is possible thanks to partnerships established with many stores, such as Books & Books, Avant Gallery, and 24 Kilates. As time progresses, more stores will be added.

The degree of innovation within Avenue Planet’s platform is pretty obvious, as there is no notice of a platform doing what this one does. Daswani believes this platform can be game-changing:

“Our VR content hub is going to change the world of entertainment. For the first time, users will be able to discover, browse and consume on impulse in the same way we do in the real world. Furthermore, having created the first true VR payment system to enable V-Commerce, users can transact on the platform creating a simple and intuitive user experience. Welcome to the digital revolution.”

Android and Samsung Gear VR’s Oculus Platform users can get inside right now, even though the latter need to request an invite. New versions should roll out pretty soon, these ones for Google Daydream, Oculus Rift and other VR platforms.

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