5 Powerful and Compelling Real Estate Marketing Ideas That Works

28th February 2018 - Business & Marketing
5 Powerful and Compelling Real Estate Marketing Ideas That Works

Indeed, a real estate agent’s job is tough. With the fierce and intense competition in the market, you will need to have unique, fresh, and remarkable real estate marketing ideas to separate yourself from the rest.

Marketing your business requires your full time and attention. If you cannot take care of your clients and manage transactions well, then you are likely ruining the future of your business. There are lots of ways to reach more people and cultivate relationships. Don’t get stuck-up with the same ways, again and again.

For a little help, check the list below. Maybe it can enlighten your mind about ways that can boost your business, improve your skills and abilities, and establish your overall brand.

Launch your Website

For those people who have understood the mechanics of online marketing, realize how influential it is to have a website. Nevertheless, this notion for real estate marketing is not a new one.

However, there is a huge difference between a polished website and a regular one. For real estate agents and firms who are considering to move properties, creating a professional website is more crucial now than ever.

When creating your site, concentrate on both functionality and aesthetics. Make sure that you know all the essential things about the website such as the quality of content, the speed of the website, quality of the photos, ease of navigation, etc.

Moreover, do not flood guests with lots of advertisements anywhere on the site. Provide a website that visitors will want to revisit and recheck all properties and contents that you add regularly.

Real Estate Marketing 3D Infographics


Would you want your clients to see how the property will look like after the restoration? But you do not have any idea about how to refurbish the place? Although 3D and infographics in real estate marketing are not new, these methods will surely be a trend in the real estate industry.

There are tons of free tools like available in the market that allows you to view images clearer, before and after the renovation. It also allows you to navigate through the photos, which are a combination of computer generated and real pictures.

As such, customers will have the chance to have a clearer view of the place will look after the renovation, what colors will work best, and how the place will improve. Therefore, with the help of 3D Infographics, real estate agents will have more opportunity to make sales.

Content Marketing

Engaging in content marketing is another brilliant way to attract visitors to your blogs and website. But before you can draw in clients, you need to determine external websites for which you can post our content.

It covers constructing relevant and useful content on high authority sites, which channels back to related content on your website. To sum things up, you need to take advantage of sites such as LinkedIn and Quora to promote your content.

Of course, you are not going to boost your business’s product sales just by people reading your content. But it builds trust, relationship, place you as a credible resource and alleviates any doubts about your brand.

Create a Zillow Account

For sure, anyone in the field knows the usefulness of Zillow. This online database is one of the main resources that many sellers and buyers are going to these days to look for potential properties. Just make sure that you have a powerful and active presence on Zillow.

Make a profile and then ask your past clients to write reviews after every transaction, and you will instantly get a lot of traffic and clients through Zillow. Moreover, you can also post some advertisements on Zillow. However, you are only allowed to do this if you already have a strong presence on Zillow.

Using Snapchat


Well, if you think that Snapchat has nothing to do with the real estate industry, then you are completely wrong. Snapchat, a multimedia messaging mobile application, presents you tons of ways to be creative in marketing your business.

Thus, try to show a more personal and human side of you through your pictures. Let the other people know that physical people are working privately at your agency. Let them know that you are not just a bunch of people who love to work, but also have a great sense of humor and that you welcome new, innovative technologies.

This strategy will be a brilliant move for establishing the name of your business and developing relationships with your clients. Create an account now and market your brand in a fun way.


It is certainly hard to create real estate marketing ideas that can set you apart from the rest, especially if you allocate much of your time meeting with customers and leads. But luckily, there are plenty of online mediums that can help you market your business.

From launching your website to using Snapchat, there is no scarcity of ways to market real estate. You can also opt to seek advice from any real estate firms like Rose & Jones to learn more about the industry.

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